Made from renewable
raw materials.
Preferred by customers!
Emotional, appealing and
The face of the brand!
Safe and functional.
Protects products –
trust in quality!
Exemplary recycling.
Conserves resources –
helps save the environment!

Packaging has to communicate

No other form of packaging communicates as well as packaging made of paper, cartonboard and cardboard. It allows creative solutions and thus strengthens the brand value of a product. Whether serving as a practical container for basic foodstuffs, presenting chocolate as a sweet temptation or showcasing luxurious items in elaborately designed boxes, “carton” packaging highlights the value of its contents. According to TNS Dimarso, cartonboard is better able to communicate brands than other packaging.*
Experts are already describing cartons as a medium taking on a new role in the marketing mix.
For example, consumers feel significantly greater affection for cartons and boxes than for other packaging because they enjoy holding the material in their hands. In addition, they value the practical opening and closing mechanisms of the packaging and the product information which, thanks to its excellent printability, can be easily read and even discovered by touch, for example as Braille on pharmaceutical packaging.

* / “Cartons Promote Brands”, A European Report

  • Paper, cartonboard and cardboard are the most flexible forms of packaging
    In packaging awards, cartons are always front-runners. Annual competitions such as those held by Pro Carton underline the innovative power and the almost unlimited possibilities of cartonboard in terms of design and functionality. These strengths are an important component of the marketing mix and a buying trigger for consumers.
  • Target groups are addressed in a differentiated manner
    Thanks to the wide range of possibilities in shape and printing, packaging made of paper, cartonboard and cardboard is able to precisely address its target groups – be it in the form of recyclable food packaging perceived as ecologically beneficial or in the form of elegant packaging for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, which signal high value.  
  • Paper- and board-based packaging is the face of a brand
    It contributes to generating brand loyalty and arouses emotions. Cardboard packaging represents brand values like no other packaging material and assists customers in making buying choices. It reflects the positive attitude towards a product at the moment when a purchasing decision is made.
  • Easy handling in retail
    Packaging systems made of paper, cartonboard and cardboard can be designed to make optimal use of sales areas. This applies equally to shelf space and to displays. Shelf-ready packaging simultaneously enables perfect product presentation and efficient retail procedures.